Sunday, June 21, 2015

Camping in the Jordan Valley

After having to cancel a previous camping weekend because of rain, we were eager to get out on the road with our travel caravan and sleep under the stars!
We headed just an hour down the road on Friday night and found a luscious green paradise not too far from home.

Upon arrival, we took some time to walk the camping sites to get to know our new "home" a bit better.  The camping venue is located in a valley, surrounded by towering trees and lush countryside. 
Near our site, there was a well maintained fruit orchard that we walked through each time we headed to the bathroom.  It made a necessary journey a much more pleasant one! 
The kids located the play area as soon as we arrived.  They spent hours sliding, swinging and digging in the sand.  However, their new favourite game is "tether ball."  They had never played before so I had to teach them the rules and techniques.  I remember this game fondly from my childhood and now my own kids have found the joy in it, too!
There's our cute little 14-foot travel trailer.  It's shorter than my mini-van!  I've almost got the interior renovations done so hopefully I can show you the inside in the next few weeks!

After supper, we headed to explore the green-space further afield.  Lots of wild-growing ivy (which reminded us all of our trip to France last year) and pretty clover-shaped water plants in the little stream that trickled through the park. 

This tree was massive and had all the right parts for tree-climbing for all three of the kids!
Before the sun went down, the kids went back to the park and I was able to do a little bit of this!
As soon as it became dark, out came the sweaters and we built ourselves a fire. 

I had packed all the fixin's for S'Mores - marshmallows, chocolate squares and 2 kinds of biscuits -  gluten free for Kevin and Camden and graham crackers for the rest of us! We ate far too many, but they were delicious!
We had a fairly restful night in our cosy caravan.  The younger two were up at 7am looking for warm tea (I was glad to oblige) while Hubby and Biggest Boy stayed cosy in bed a little while longer. 
Overall, it was a wonderful first camping trip for the summer season.  We REALLY liked this particular campground and we are already planning a return trip for August.  Next week we are meeting my mother and her extended family for a big family reunion/camping weekend, too. The kids ( and me!) are already excited and looking forward to another marvellous weekend in our trailer. 
Just 4  more days of school around here and then it's SUMMER!
So much to look forward to.....


  1. What a perfect family time in your caravan. I can't wait to see inside, and I love your picnic table and all the luscious food that you enjoyed. A fantastic way to get away!! Have a wonderful week, and end of term!! xx

  2. Your camping trip looks like fun. We do love a spot of camping, too. I didn't know there were rules for tether ball (we call it swing ball), we just bash the ball as hard as we can... Have a lovely week. x

  3. We are a camping family - tent for us though. I shall be setting off shortly to France in our tent. I can't wait. Love your photos. Looks like a lovely family weekend. Great for the kids xx

  4. It looks like you had a great weekend of camping, Bronwyn, that tree your kids are climbing on is amazing! xx

  5. Nothing beats a good camping trip, although I do suspect my tent camping days to be drawing to an end for a little while, much to James' annoyance, I just struggle with it now and find everything such hard work and I never sleep well haha, maybe once we have kids I will get back into the swing of it agian. Camping in a caravan would be good though, or any other kind of fancy structure like shepherds huts and yurts.
    I can;t wait to see the transformations in the caravan, I'll bet it looks homely and cosy, especially as you have had something to do with it :) x x x

  6. That looks like so much fun. Your trailer is so cute! We are going camping tomorrow and it looks like the weather will be ok, which is always the main consideration when camping in England... You've reminded me I must buy marshmallows. x


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