Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Personal Realization . . . and A Red and Teal Autumn Mantel

Hi all.
Haven't been blogging much lately. In fact after a long talk with my dear, sweet hubby, I have come to the realization that I needed to cut back on a lot of things in my life. 
Of course my plan is to continue trying the be the best wife and mother I can be, while at the same time doing the most I can for my class of 30 kindergarten students. 
On top of that . . .
I still want time for me (I LOVE my Zumba classes!)
And blogging - I love it! But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming - high pressure even, when I want to complete a project, photograph it and put it online. 
Recently, while reading a favourite blogs, Lemonade Makin' Mama
I came across this statement made by Sasha, the Mama herself (she had recently spent a ton of time decorating her house for fall, making it "perfect" for her hubby, son and daughter (and blog!):

"Later, I stood there gazing adoringly at our pretty fall-itized house and it was like God very gently and lovingly whispered some correction to my heart, "If you put out a pumpkin bedecked in liquid gilding but have not love... and if you carefully arrange your son's collected feathers in a crock but then yell at him because he's up on a chair messing it up, you become a noisy gong or a clanging symbol... and if you fluff pretty pillows and throws but have not are nothing."
This really struck a chord with me. 
Who do I do all these creative things for? 
Blog readers, worldwide?
But really - who gets to enjoy what I do everyday in REAL LIFE? Taste my baked goods? Keep cozy under my crocheted afghans?
Find their favourite books in the handy book basket that I arranged in the corner of the living room?
 The answer is my HUSBAND and my CHILDREN!!
And if I am stressed about completing the perfect project and have no energy or patience for my family, what's the point?
So on these realizations, I decided to tone my blogging down, and gear the time with my family, UP!!
I'll still continue with all of my projects, but I'll complete them in a relaxed fashion, when I really FEEL like it.  Not according to some crazy blogging schedule I have set up for myself. 
So on that note . . . here is my latest project.
I hope you enjoy it because it might be several more days before I share another!!
A Teal and Red Autumn Mantel

I recently fell in love with these branches at Michaels. Luckily they went on sale the other day and I got them for half price!!

The apples are vintage Christmas tree decorations and the flowers are from Michaels. 

I used my newest Cricut cartridge to cut these elaborate leaf shapes out of scrapbook paper.  I glue-gunned them to a length of twine and now they add a line of colour along the front of the fireplace. 

I'll share a bit more about this home-made piece of autumn art on another day.  The scrapbook paper served as the colour inspiration for the whole mantel.

I am really pleased with how this turned out.  With my recent decision to simplify my life, I think this mantel décor will do quite nicely until I decide to switch it up for Halloween!
Happy first few days of autumn!


  1. Once again your mantel is beautiful! I agree with your words entirely. I often marvel at bloggers that can put together two or three posts per week and there's me panicking if I haven't posted by Friday! Life is for living and I try to discipline myself that my blog is about what WE have done together as a family, what WE have seen, done and experienced. It's a journal of where WE are at the moment and what I have managed to fit in between. You enjoy your family time and work and I look forward to reading and seeing your future creative posts. Take care my lovely. Chel x

  2. Your mantle looks great! I love the garland. Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers.

  3. Your mantel is so festive and creative. Love it!

  4. Ya I hear ya.... I have been there in my realization at times as well. Something about being that type A teacher type - it is hard not to do things 'perfectly' and to put your very best into everything you do - but then you can forget about what the actually important things are. Food for thought for sure. Your mantel is adorable - the little squirrel is perfect and I love the bunting.

  5. I just had to click on this from Thriving Thursdays, you did such a beautiful job.

  6. I enjoy your posts and projects at whatever pace they are made!
    :D Beautiful work, as always.

  7. Your mantel looks great and you have expressed something I have been feeling as well. I have been enjoying blogging a bit less often and spending lots of time with my family and working on projects. So what if my home is never completely decorated for Fall. I will survive lol.

  8. It sounds like a great decision, life can be so hectic, there just isn't the time to do everything that we love all the time, which is shame but thats life.

    I love your fall mantle, it is gorgeous, very simple, yet effective, and the colours, well I love them :) x x x


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