Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cozy Knitting in Brown and Pink

Man- the weather has really taken a turn for the worst around here!  So much so that my mother, daughter and I headed out the other night to pick up this year's snowsuits and a collection of new mittens and hats. 
 I bought some really heavy duty, triple-layered, wet-proof mitts for each of the kids ($$$ - but really needed for our Canadian winters!) and a few pairs of these cheaper, thinner,
 fall kind of mitts.  
My mom and I laughed about how these gloves are just like groceries. You buy a few pairs, and within days they are all gone- lost on the first or second day of being worn!  The boys are especially good at randomly mis-placing a mitt or two.  
So, being the mom I am, I ironed on the kids name labels in hopes that if lost, these mitts would find their way home again.

A girl can dream, right?????

And now onto other COZY things....

Last spring my daughter fell in love with this thick, fuzzy varigated yarn at Michaels.  I, too, am a fan of pink and brown together so I jumped at the chance to knit her up a sweater in this pretty yarn.

I have knit this pattern before and find it quite easy and quick to complete.  It knits into a long straight cardigan that looks cute over a turtleneck and  leggings.

I love how the yarn seemed to knit itself into stripes- completely unplanned yet eye-catching....

To dress up the front of the sweater, I added a crocheted flower in 2 matching tones.  It's these little details that take the sweater from "nice" to "designer."

For a little extra kick, I crocheted up a few more flowers and added them to the lower back of the sweater. 

Afton was very delighted with this little addition!

Last night I also completed another little knitted project. I can only show you a small glimpse because it is destined for a friend's new baby.  The yarn is a lovely peachy tone with a fine silver thread running through it.  I fell in love with it while visiting York while on our trip to the UK in the summer.  

I bought enough yarn for 2 little sweaters. 
 Hmmm....I wonder who will receive the next little sweater in sparkly peach.....? 


  1. Oh my is that sweater ever cute! and your DD looks awesome in it. I love the hat she wearing too. Those crochet flowers are TO DIE FOR, I tired to learn crochet to make those but I just can't get the hang of it.

  2. The sweater is too cute and the added crochet flowers make it even cuter. :-)

    I like the peachy baby blanket. Such a pretty color.

  3. The sweater is so cute on her!! I bet she loves it! :) Love those little flowers you added too! Hope you have a great day! xo Holly

  4. Cute! I love knitting and I love pink and brown stopping by from 52 mantles

  5. Wow! Your yarn is lush! Great color scheme and pattern. Your daughter must be so happy.

    Your glove problem sounds like my sunglasses problem. I am forever losing or destroying every pair I buy! My last new pair lasted less than a couple weeks. They were really cute, too.

  6. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe you made that adorable sweater! It is just the cutest.

  7. I LOVE those crocheted flowers - you are right, definitely more designer. You are amazingly skilled - I knit some, but it would take eons to get to the point of making the brim of that cap. Have you been knitting /crocheting for a long time?

  8. Oh my goodness! You are so talented Bronwyn! That little sweater is positively gorgeous and it looks so precious on your daughter! Absolutely stunning! Angie xo


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