Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Chair - 3 Generations of Comfort

I can remember this lounge chair in some of my earliest memories.  My parents bought it in the early 1980s  as part of a set of outdoor furniture.  It sat on our back patio and I am sure my sisters and must have pretended on it for hours.  Sometimes it was ship, other times it was  our princess bed with room for three of the fairest damsels in the land.  

Back then, it was dark brown (like lots of things from that era!).  Later in the '80s, we moved onto our little hobby farm.  Here, the lounger became part of the pool room's decor, painted royal blue.  When my parents moved back into town just before I got married 10 years ago, my mom gave it one final coat of colour - white.  

As you can see now, all three of this loungers "colour lives" are showing through.  And it is far from pretty!!  In fact, Mom was done with the lounger.  All the other pieces of the set have already gone to furniture heaven and the lounger was the last  surviving piece. Mom was going to put it out for garbage pick up - until I stepped in for the rescue!!

Mom and Dad always found the lounger quite comfortable.   Dad would read "Sports Illustrated" on  it and Mom would sunbathe for 20minutes a day on it all summer long.  And, of course, my sisters and I made countless phone calls to our friends lounged on its wooden seat.  I just couldn't bear to see it make its exit from our family.  So, of course, you can guess what I did with it........

Hello, "Ocean Kiss" (Behr) and Hello lovely lounger!!

I took my daughter with me to the Home Depot and let her choose the  colour.  I narrowed it down to a green, yellow or blue and let her choose the paint chip.  I want she and her brothers to love this chair as much as my sisters and I did, so the colour choice would be key!

I used the Behr product that is primer and paint in one.  It made this job so easy!!  The horrible, chippy mess that once defined the look of the lounger virtually disappeared in one coat of paint!  I went back and did some touch ups on the really dark areas, but another than that,  it was one coat!!

And do you see my cute little side table?  I bought it at Goodwill for $4.99 - and it was already painted this creamy colour! It is the perfect place to put my Mother's Day bouquet.  

I'd say she gives the chair a smiley 2-thumbs up!

And my biggest boy looks pretty comfy here,

And littlest dude looks like he could spend all day here.  He said he *might* nap here
 tomorrow.  Well see!

I couldn't leave you without a shot of my gorgeous clematis flowers.  One day my vine was a mass of green leaves - and the next it was covered in blooms.  OH! I love this warm weather!!


  1. Well it looks to me as though the lounger is a hit already :) It is so lovely to think that just one chair can tell so many stories and has so many wonderful memories behind it. Let's hope there are still many more to come x x x x

  2. absolutely fabulous, and I love the color!

    PS: Your munchkins are pretty cute, too!! xox P

  3. Hi Bronwyn...I just awarded you the Liebster award - head over to my site to accept!
    home sweet nest

  4. I can see it going on to make lot's more memories! I would love to have one....
    well done it looks fab.

    Lou xxx

  5. Your redo turned out beautiful, and the color is perfect, so summery!!!!

    your latest follower, Tanya :)

  6. Oh! Fabulous job Bronwyn! It looks so pretty! Love the colours you chose! Angie xo

  7. Thank goodness you saved this chair from garbage pick-up, although I bet someone riding by (like me haha) would have picked that baby up! I love it! So pretty and the memories you have about it! Your kids are adorable btw!

  8. I love the life the chair has lived. I "inherited" my parents dining room set when I moved out on my own in the early 1980's. The set was bought in the late 50's and was Danish Modern Teak. Many years ago it got burnt by an iron and when my dad, years later, tried to refurbish the table he found out it was just a veneer. As time went on, especially after having a very creative child, the table was a mess and we had to use a table cloth. For my 50th I requested that my parent pay my sister to paint it a cream color. When I finally get pictures from her I'll do a post.
    Anyways, because of my table I can relate so well to your lounger story.

  9. You did such a great job...and your models are gorgeous!

  10. Oh how sweet and it turned out beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  11. This is so pretty! And I love the family history behind it! Love the color and the pillows and the kiddies too :)

  12. Oh so pretty color, great job.

  13. What a great chair and all the kids look like they love it. Beautiful flower too! Thanks for linking up to STL Wednesday!

  14. LOVE IT! I am featuring this on my blog tomorrow! thanks for linking up to Classy Clutter!

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  15. The color looks blue, which of the Behr color is it? I like the primer in one paint too. Looks fabulous!


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