Sunday, May 27, 2012

Now, That is MUCH Prettier!

Last year I painted my daughter's desk this lovely shade. It's Behr's "Raspberry Lemonade." Yep. We picked it because of the colour name. 

It looked good for several months, but my daughter is CRAFTER.  Like they say - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and if the little lady has any free time she can be found at her little pink desk "arting."  Uh-huh.  Art is a verb around here.  

So, as you can see, the desk is getting a little rough looking.  Last night, I gave the whole thing a re-paint.  

Hmmm.......Pink is cute, but kinda boring.

How to dress it up a little??   A couple of months ago I purchased a stencil to add pattern to the kid's bathroom walls. I haven't used it yet....  But really, I should try it out on something smaller first, right??

Well - lookie here!! Now that looks cool!  I used a can of creamy white I had lying around and in just under an hour, I had taken the desk from plain pink to pizazz!!

The stencil was just a little bit too small for the surface of the desk.  So, I had to use a lot of painters tape and a bit of stencil-jigging, but I managed to continue the pattern perfectly across the whole surface.  

Now after all of this work, the last thing I wanted to do was put the desk back in her room and have it ruined in mere days! So I purchased some of that clear plastic covering your grandma used to have over her couch or across her prized table cloth. You know the stuff I mean??

I cut it to fit the tabletop with a little extra so that I could staple it underneath the table surface and hold it in place.  

And here it is- back in her room and ready for the next session of "arting!"

I took some time to tidy everything up and give all of her favourite items a quick dust and a "restyling."

She received this bunny for Easter a few years back.  She likes to keep it high and out of reach from her little brother.  The tulips  were her choice too- purchased with a birthday present Michaels giftcard.

There we go - a nice freshening up.  Pastel-ly and perfect for spring.  And in my daughter's words:

"Now, that is MUCH prettier!"


  1. I love it Bronwyn! It looks amazing! Where did you find that stencil? I love it and it would work for a project I was thinking of. Your daughter's room is so pretty! Wonderful job Mom! Angie xo

  2. Bless her. It does look very pretty though. The stencil looks fab :) x x x x

  3. Cathedral Windows!!!! How adorable!!! Love the color, and she is going to have many hours of arting at her sweet desk!

  4. What an adorable place for "arting", Bronwyn! I love how much stencils can tranform whatever canvas you are painting. The stencils were definitely my favourite part of my semi-failed office chair makeover. I would have loved to have a space like this for crafting when I was little . . . and I still would now, too!

    Have a great week! Is it a P.D. Day on Friday for your board?

  5. Cute makeover! If you do end up trying my rhubarb crisp recipe let me know how it turns out!

  6. So cute, what a pretty pink! Turned out great :) Now following- Tanya

  7. Oh my goodness! It's so girly and pretty, I just love it! I"ve seen the pumpkin seed pattern quilted in borders of Amish quilts but what a fantastic way to make it current. Beautiful job!!!

  8. Oh, I love it! And the plastic cover, genius! I wouldn't want to be repainting that when it turned out so lovely!

  9. That is so cute! I love it! Great job! :)

  10. This is adorable! I saw your link from 52 Mantels, and love what you did! Great job!

  11. I love it! Everything is so super cute. I would love it if you had a moment to share at my Pinteresting Party.

  12. What a cute idea! My daughter is a crafter and would LOVE this design on her table! :)

  13. That is a piece of absolute Cuteness! great job

  14. Makes me want to go paint my daughter's table right now. Smiles. Nice looking pink!

  15. LOVE IT!!!! The stenciling is perfect!! Great idea to cover it with plastic!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!


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