Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pictures of my Father

Unfortunately, my father isn't well. I don't want to get into too many details here (I'll likely cry as I type it)but suffice to say, I won't be able to enjoy as many years with my father as I had originally hoped. So, any time I have with him is pretty precious.

I find myself taking MANY photos of my dad - with my kids, with my mom and whenever I can, I get someone to take a picture of me with him. These latest layouts feature pictures of my dad taken on Easter weekend when the whole family went home to Exeter to visit.

My mom and dad were so glad to have myself and my 2 sisters home all at once. Times like this are rare. However, we did all make the promise to do it more often for my father's sake.

You know when you really like something you create? That is how I feel about the above layout. I am not sure if is the content of the photo, or the sentiment. Or maybe it is the flowers around the bottom. Hmm......

This next layout was really fun to create. I don't make "themey" layouts very often, but I thought I would this time. The horse in the pics is the one my father bought in 1989 shortly after we moved out onto the farm on the outskirts of Exeter. We grew up riding Kokomo, feeding him and showing him to all of our visiting friends. When my parents sold the farm in 2003, Kokomo went with the farm. Luckily my parents knew the buyers and they told us we could visit our horse anytime.

After church on Easter Sunday, they asked us to stop by and bring the kids. Of course we took them up on their offer. Both Afton and Bryn took a spin on 25-year-old Kokomo, but it was my father who seemed the most excited. He was visiting an old friend. I am not sure if Kokomo remembered him, but my father's easy-going, gentle ways sure put the half-blind pony at ease.


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  1. Huge hugs to you Bronwyn....if you ever need to talk you know where I am. I know exactly how you are feeling.


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