Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bo Bunny and Being a Mommy

Bo Bunny (one of my favourite paper manufacturers)issued a challenge right around Mother's Day.  Simply put, they wanted a layout that celebrated Motherhood.

I thought for days about what facet of Motherhood I wanted to touch on and I came up with the idea to describe how I came up with each of my kids' middle names.  Don't get me wrong, Kevin helped choose them, but really, I made the suggestions and he either agreed or vetoed my choices.  : ) 

Here is the layout:


Choosing the perfect names for my babies was a huge decision for me. They had to be different, but not strange, pleasing to the ear, go well with our last name, follow our theme ( British names like mine and my husband's) and look nice when written out.  ( I know that last one sounds funny, but I REALLY did write out each child's name over and over until I found a combo that I liked the sound of and liked how it looked!)

Here are some close-ups on  the info about each child's name:




Thanks for looking!!

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