Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wanted to share....

Now that my Christmas holidays have begun, I have a bit more time to share some of my latest projects and some fun things my family has done recently.

First of all, we took the 2 older kids to see "The Sound of Music." We all LOVED it I am so glad we caught it before it closes in Toronto in a few weeks. Maria was played by Janna (the second place finisher from the "Maria" show on CBC.) She was great. I could have listened to her for hours ( and I am picky about singers!!)


Camden has had some funky hair lately. These pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago on one of his particularly crazy-haired days. So of course, I turned them into a scrapbook page. I am particularly fond of the title: (by the way - since then, Cam has had his first haircut. A Layout to follow, of course!!)


We had ouir Christmas portraits done mid-November. I Finally had time to scrap one. I love how the kids LOOK like siblings, all dressed in Christmas green:


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