Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Okay- Let's Try a Slideshow!!

I love sharing my scrapbooking layouts on my blog, but for some reason, unless I make my pics REALLY small, 2 page layout pics don't fit. So, I think I have found a solution. I am going to try a slideshow from

Well here goes:

Bryn's 5th Birthday
Sure, it looks little now, but if you click on it, you should be moved to where you can see the slideshow.

This layout contains a ton of pictures from Bryn's 5th birthday. I can't believe he turned 5 already! People said it would go fast, but this is ridiculous!!

Here is sweet picture of little Bryn almost 5 years ago:


Cute, huh?

We took the kids on a ride on Santa's Train near Orangeville. They loved it! And they were very-well behaved to boot! I managed to get some really cute shots of them while they enjoyed sugar cookies (made by Mrs. Claus, of course!) and some hot chocolate. Then Santa paid us a personal visit at our seats. Very exciting! (Click on the little pic!)

On the Santa Train
I used my new embossing button punch on this layout. I LOVE IT!

The Santa Claus Parade - what a cold day, but great memories for the kids!


Bryn and Afton couldn't wait to put our tree up this year. So, our artificial Douglas fir came out of the box on November 23rd, right after the Santa Claus parade. After enjoying it for 6 weeks, I think the tree is coming down tomorrow. As sad as that will be, it will mean one less thing for Camden to get into!! (Click on the little pic!)

Trimming the tree

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