Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Loot" Cookies

My oldest son's birthday party was today. I had no idea what to get for his guest's "loot" bags. I am really not a fan of these things, but found it somewhat necessary to do something. So this is what I made :


Cookie Lollipops!!

I baked large chocolate chip cookies, then stuck two together, oreo-style, using melted chocolate (Belgian chocolate wafers - Mmmm!!). While the chocolate was hot, I slipped a cookie stick (found at Bulk or craft stores) in between the layers. Once the chocolate cooled, the sticks were stuck inside. I placed them in mini cello-bags with a handful of Smarties and tied them with ribbon. Oh did they look good and tasted even better!

Bryn sure appreciated them (and so did the kids at the party!)



  1. oh... these look delicious! What a great idea... now I am hungry for cookies!

  2. What a Brilliant idea, B! I'm totally having those favours at my next party!


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