Monday, November 30, 2009

Journal Your Christmas 2009

I mentioned JYC a few entries back, and now that December 1st is almost here, I am excited about getting started. If you recall, JYC is a online class I signed up for in which I will be sent daily journaling prompts to help me celebrate/recall/reflect about this festive season. Hopefully, once a day, I will have a few minutes to write my thoughts and feelings in my mini-scrapbook. Because this season can be so overwhelming, we are directed to pre-make some of the elements for our journal. I completed my cover last night. (see below) I have also made a month's worth of date tags and well as collected all of my scrapbooking materials. Hopefully now, all I will have to focus on is getting each journal and scrapbook page done. I REALLY don't want to get behind. Wish me luck!

Here is the cover of my book:


  1. Awesome cover Bronwyn! I can't wait to see the completed album.

  2. oh... very nice cover... and dont you just love cosmo cricket stuff!

  3. great cover. no doubt the finished mini will be amazing


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