Monday, February 15, 2016

Toronto Weekend Part Two: High Tea at Casa Loma

Sorry it took so long to get back here and share Part Two of our weekend away in Toronto.  If you would like to read about our first day, head over HERE. 
The kids have been sick, I've been sick and we had several visitors this weekend. So, needless to say,  post writing hasn't been a priority. 
But now that everyone is healthy and happy again, I collected a few key photos from our lovely High Tea Experience at Casa Loma in Toronto.   
Not a bad looking place, huh? 
Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens in midtown Toronto that is now a museum and landmark. It was originally a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt and  was constructed between 1911 to 1914.  He loved to have lavish parties here and hoped one day to host the King and Queen of England and decorated the castle accordingly.  Unfortunately, his wife died unexpectedly and he chose to sell the property and leave these unpleasant memories behind.  Now it is owned by the city of Toronto.

Checkout the view from one of the back windows.  Recognize this world landmark?
After booking our night at the historic King Edward Hotel, I thought it was fitting for my husband and I to enjoy a lavish High Tea service before leaving the city and heading home to the kids. 
I am glad I booked tickets for this event early because apparently it sold out quickly.  Casa Loma was doing three tea seatings a day, each Saturday for four weeks - literally thousands of people would enjoy scones, croissants and  tea under the carved ceilings of this historic building.

In the main entry hall, the promoters had constructed what they called "The World's Tallest Cake Stand."  While we waited for our tea service, we milled around the lobby and several aproned waitresses handed out a variety of pastries and biscuits.  The waiters continued to bring out more and more trays of goodies and they kept the cake stand FULL of delicious bits and pieces.  
Here is a photo of the cake stand from the third floor balcony.  Look how big it is in comparison to the little people around it!
Flowers and pastries - two of my favourite things!! 
Once 12:00 arrived, we were invited to find our table in the library of the castle. 
In this gorgeous room  they had set up nearly 100 tables and each table wore a lovely linen tablecloth, fresh flowers and gold-rimmed china. 

Once tea had been poured (oolong, mint or rose) my platter of savoury food arrived - a Yorkshire pudding with beef, a mini quiche, lemon dill shrimp on pumpernickel, Coronation chicken in a mini waffle shell and an egg-salad croissant. 
Everything was delicious except the beef and Yorkshire pudding. It was dry and flavourless beside all the other amazing items!

My husband is a gluten-free eater so his plate looked quite different.  He enjoyed a fresh spring roll, squash soup, marinated mushrooms in a lettuce wrap, a chick pea fritter and a polenta stick. He assured me that EVERYTHING was good on his plate!
Following this, we were served fresh scones and croissants with thick cream, butter and orange marmalade.   No pictures of these because I ate them too fast!
And who entertained us while we dined?
She might have been the sparkliest  musician I've ever seen:
She kept the room full of music with her disco ball violin and her glittery harp (not shown!)
No--she didn't play them both at the same time!
After we finished our meal, Kevin and I explored the rooms of the castle.  I hadn't done this since 9th grade nearly 25 years ago.  Oh my gosh! Is 9th grade really that long ago? Yikes.
Anyways....I had fond memories of the private rooms of the castle and enjoyed reliving them.  I took several pictures here too, and hopefully I will get around to sharing those on my little blog, too.
As long as everyone stays healthy in my house.....
Enjoy your week!



  1. It looks like you had a wonderful tea at Casa Loma! I do love dainty treats, but I think Yorkshire Pudding is best eaten in the traditional way with lots of gravy! Ha ha! I wonder how they managed to plate up that cake stand? Hope you all stay well and have a good rest of the week :)

  2. How amazing, the food looked very yummyxx

  3. Wonderful!!! The castle looks amazing, how incredible to have such a wonderful afternoon tea there too! I imagine you felt very special indeed. So happy for you! Hope you are all better now and enjoyed your visitors. xx

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