Friday, August 21, 2015

Views From Above: Sorrento

 Thank-you to everyone who left  lovely comments on my Biscotti and Lavender Farm posts. Really and truly, each and every comment you take time to write brings joy to my heart!
I'd love to share  a few more of my favourite photos from our trip to Italy.  How about  a few views of the beautiful coastal town of Sorrento? ?  Yes!  Wonderful.  Scroll on down!!


We arrived on the Bay of Naples, high above the town. Our driver stopped at a roadside parking area and we had the perfect view of the town, far below us.  And what a sight it was!

It was a hot and sunny July day and being a Sunday, thousands of Italians had fled the city and headed to the sea.  Every parking lot was full of small little Italian cars and every beach was swamped with chairs, umbrellas and towels. 

Look how close all of the deck chairs are!! 
Sit down, enjoy the sun ,and don't move cause you'll lose your spot!!

I love how close I was able to zoom in with my new camera.  These people were on the farthest beach, and I can almost see their facial expressions - as well as the details on their bathing suits! 

These floatie-boats we strung between two of the rocky juts that reached out into the bay.  What a refreshing place to relax - in the sun and in the water!

So far up - these people look like sun-bathing ants. 

It was so hot!  Kevin and I wished we could refresh ourselves in the water, too.  We were heading down into town and we were sure we would make it to the beach, but without a bathing suit, the most we could do was put our feet in!

This must be the Bay of Naples - because there's Mt. Vesuvius!

This is one of the few pictures of the two of us together on this trip.  I try to pose as often as I can, but hubby isn't really a photographer - though he tries very hard. :)
I have lot of pictures of the town of Sorrento, too.  We enjoyed lots of lemon-y foods (a specialty of the region) and ventured up quiet back streets to see the less tourist-y part of this seaside idyll.  I'll do some more photo sharing next week!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I'm back in my hometown for a few days, catching up with old friends and hopefully hitting the beach with my 3 crazy kids. 
Take care of each other,

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  1. Whoa. This looks awesome. It reminds me a little of Cinque Terre (, especially with those colorful umbrellas!

  2. Wow! These photos are awesome! What a beautiful place. It is a bit corwded for my liking, but beautiful none the less. Those float boats are so neat...they look very relaxing! Have a happy Sunday.

  3. Breathtaking. Love the colors in the aerial photos.

  4. The colour of the sea is just breathtaking! I miss the sun and sea.

    Saskia /

  5. Beautiful pictures! But, oh, I would have hated the crowds.

  6. Gorgeous, refreshing, invigorating photos of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Bronwyn! They remind me so much of the crystal clear water of the Aegean!


  7. So glad you enjoyed it!!! Wonderful to see Sorrento again in your pictures and to hear your love of the place! We went there two years ago and it was so fabulous, thank you for taking me back to those wonderful warm summery days! xx

  8. The view is fantastic from up there but I'm not a very big fan of crowded beaches though... But still, it's in my bucket list. :)

  9. Hi Bronwyn, these are some wonderful photos of Sorrento. I still haven't been there yet, though pretty close, to Naples and Capri Island. Italy is one of my favourite countries in the world, and returning there is always a good idea :D

    Thank you so much for joining #MondayEscapes

  10. Great to see your photos. We didn't get to the beach in Italy. Had amazing icecream though. Did you? Inspired me to make a raspberry & rosemary cake, which was my favourite flavour.

  11. Great photos! I have to say they are very creative and interesting. Love Sorrent. Wish I can go back soon.

  12. Fantastic pictures. I went to Sorrento many years ago but should go again at some point. Thanks for sharing xx

  13. Wow Mt Vesuvius! This place looks so picturesque. Amazing shots btw!


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