Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter Long Weekend in Pictures

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter break! Ours was  far from restful (they never are!), but we fit in as much fun and excitement as we could in the 4 days we had at home.  

On Thursday, we were invited to our children's school because our youngest, Camden, was going to receive the first grade French award! He was so excited to finally win one of the "big kid" awards that his brother and sister have won in the past.  

 Later that night we visited the pet store to stock up on the last few things we needed to welcome a dog into our family! We had been discussing it for a few years, and the day had finally come.  He would arrive the next morning and become a permanent part of our lives!!

On Good Friday, before the doggie arrived, I managed to get some Easter decor up around the house.  Better late than never!

For lunch we enjoyed "eggs and soldiers" served in these adorable bunny egg cups I bought years ago.  We used to have 6 - now we are down to 3.  Must make a note to buy more before next Easter!

Waiting for the dog, the kids killed time jumping on the trampoline. This was something they hadn't been able to do since last October. Welcome spring!!

And then he arrived!!  Please welcome our newest family member -- Casey!!  He's a beagle mix and is a rescue dog that desperately needed a home. Now he is part of ours!!

On Easter morning, the Easter Bunny left carrot-shaped bags of coloured popcorn  and 3 chocolate eggs for each of the kids.  Usually he does a egg-hunt, leaving mini-eggs all over the house. But because of the new dog  and the possibility of him being poisoned by the chocolate, EB stuck with just a few bags of candy left high on the counter , out of harm's way!!

While the kids bonded and play with our new pooch, I took some time to sit, drink tea and eat cake.  
I'm savouring each and every tea bag - brought back from Fortnum and Mason on our London trip. 
Oh, I miss you already....

For dessert to go with Easter dinner, I made a Lime and Cream pavlova.  It was delightful and the perfect colour to celebrate the arrival of spring!

And today is Easter Monday.  We go back to work and school  tomorrow. 
 All of us are savouring our last day of rest.

This is how I'm enjoying it:

This is how Casey is:

We may have worn him out!!

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful week!  

I hope to be back in a few days sharing those pictures of Salisbury I promised you!

Hugs to all,



  1. What a delightful 4-day weekend. Casey is just adorable. I'm sure your family is in love with him already and can't imagine what you did before he came along. That's how we feel about our Sadie...:) Have a beautiful week!

    1. We are completely in love with him already! And I think the feeling is mutual. My daughter is a bit nervous around him, but I think will change quickly in time. I'm already looking forward to our evening walk tonight!!

  2. Casey looks incredibly happy!!! I am sure that finding a crochet blanket to lay on settled him in right away. He looks like a lovely dog, I hope that he is happy with you and that you are happy with him! I love all your Easter decorations, especially the garland on your window pane mirror! xx

    1. He is definitely a blanket fan. It's a bonus really - the blanket keeps the couch clean and makes the dog happy! Thanks for the compliments on my Easter decor. I've already taken it down - much to my kids chagrin!

  3. Once a dog comes to live with you, your lives will never be the same again - and you'd never want to go back to how they were. Glad it's finally thawed where you are - my Canadian aunt and uncle were staying with us over the weekend and they left -15 temps and deep snow so they're really hoping that spring has arrived when they return home! xx

    1. He already holds a big part of each of our hearts! The kids have already calculated that if we have him for 10 more years ( he is 2 now) they'll be 20, 19 and 16. That means he'll be an important part of their lives until they are practically grown-ups!!
      It was 15 degrees C on Friday then snowed on Saturday and Sunday. It's all melted now, but they are calling for a bit more this week. Hopefully it won't come!!

  4. It was faun - but far from restful. Adding a dog has been like adding another child. But seeing that I am the "Mothering" type, I have enjoyed every minute of it!!

  5. Well done on adopting a dog. He will make a great family pet. Which shelter did you get him from?

    1. It already feels like he has been with us forever. The kids absolutely adore him and I look forward to our long evening walks every day!!


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