Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stitched With Love - A Bowlful of Hearts

Monday was a very snowy day - too cold to go outside! In fact, too much snow to safely get to school and work, too.
So it was a
Monday was our first day home from school because of the weather in over 5 years!!
The schools around here never close, so the kids, hubby and I (who are both teachers!) always have to drag ourselves through the snow even on the most treacherous of days.
 But not on Monday!  We could officially stay home. 
The morning went by easily - the kids played video games  and watched movies  while Kevin and I caught up on some reading. 
But by the time lunch was over, we heard the dreaded words:
"I'm bored!"

Kevin, bless his heart, challenged the boys to a Jenga tournament and I grabbed our daughter Afton.
What did she want to do?
Excellent.  That works for me.   :)
We grabbed a pile of pretty red and pink fabric and got started.
1.  We created a heart-shaped tracer out of heavy cardboard and traced around it onto double-folded fabric. 

2. We pinned the layers together and hand-stitched along the pencils lines, creating the heart-shape in short little stitches.

Afton is new to stitching of any kind. She worked meticulously to create the smallest little stitches she could!
3. Once the stitching was complete, we use my brand-new pair of pinking shears to cut out each of the hearts, leaving about 1cm of space between the stitching and the edge.

4.  In order to fill the hearts with fluff, we cut a small hole in the back of the heart and carefully stuffed in some polyester fibrefill. Once stuffed, I sewed up the little hole using matching thread, hopefully hiding the opening from the most discerning eyes! :)
And how did Afton feel about our finished project?
She thought they were adorable!
We completed six hearts during our hour-long sewing session. Pretty in pink and red and perfect for Valentine's Day.

Our little hearts have already changed location several times and been part of a variety of imagined games.
  They've been pillows for Barbie and part of a Roman wall designed and built by Camden.

Perfect.  They are pretty indestructible and if they encourage imaginative play, I am all for it!!
Thanks for popping by!


  1. Well done Afton, they're gorgeous (well done to Mummy too!)

    1. She's pretty proud of herself! I was just the guide!

  2. Lovely!! A bowl of hearts is a bowl of love isn't it! xx

    1. Definitely made with a ton of love. She might have been bitten by the sewing bug!

  3. They are gorgeous, and well done Afton - a very productive hour! xx

    1. She was perusing Pinterest this afternoon to find her next project. Watch this space for her next sewing adventure!

  4. Those hearts are adorable! Afton is right about that!


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