Monday, April 8, 2013

Olivia's Patchwork Pencil Case

Hello.  Welcome to a wonderful, new week!  

Sunshine is surrounding me- spring is here! The tulips and daffodils jumped out of the ground over the weekend, we dug out the bikes and I began some much-needed outdoor spring cleaning.

Yesterday was one of "those days" in our house.  Each of the kids needed to be somewhere (birthday parties) and I had to co-host a baby shower for my dearest and oldest friend.  Needless to say, I was busy with party prep.

Luckily my daughter had given me her specific request for her little girl-friend's birthday present a few weeks in advance.

Back in September I had whipped up this patchwork pencil case for my own daughter as she entered grade 1.

Apparently, this pretty pink bag garnered A LOT of attention from all the little girls in the class - especially a little lady named Olivia. 

So, for her 7th birthday, Olivia received her own patchwork case in her favourite shade of  sunshiney yellow!!  

I didn't own a lot of yellow fabric, so we journeyed to a nearby town and picked out a few pretty prints that were mostly yellow with hints of teal and pink.

The patchwork and machine quilting came together easily in one evening.  

According to my daughter, the pom-pom trim is the STAR of the pencil case so we added a row to Olivia's case.  

Ummm...and how about some ric-rac, too?  


Of course, you can't give an EMPTY pencil case, so we grabbed this yellow notebook .....

...and sparkly pencil crayons while on a recent trip to Michaels.  

Was my daughter pleased with how it turned out?  Oh I think so.  

And Olivia?  Apparently she squealed with joy when she opened it!!
Excellent - that is the exact reaction I was going for!!
(Sorry no pics of that!)

Here's a little pic of another little project I put together in the last few days.  Looking forward to showing you the rest of it in the coming days.  

And in other news....

Our youngest son, Camden (who is four) began riding his big boy bike this weekend.  Of course, he still needs training wheels, but he was up and down the sidewalk many times supported and encouraged by Daddy.  

He was SO proud!!

And we are, too!!

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  1. Well done Camden, no stopping him now.

  2. Super sweet yellow prints! And in my book, nothing can beat ric-rac trim. :-) I bet your daughter's friend loved it!

  3. Great family photos - and what a darling pencil case! Who wouldn't love it! :-)

  4. Well done you! I reckon you'll have a big waiting list soon! Well done to your son too. Lots of achievements this weekend for you. Take care. Chel x

  5. Brilliant Camden! Great pencil case.

    Lots of love from over the pond Bronwyn xxxx

  6. I think I would have squealed with delight too - in fact I'm dreaming one up in my mind right now - absolutely lovely x Jane

  7. Super cute pencil case!!!! I love the bright colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  8. Oh my goodness - those are adorable!! I want to make 843792 just like them! =) Thanks for linking up at our Pinterest Power Party!


  9. What a great gift idea! The ric-a-rac makes such a cute touch too. :) I am loving your blog too - I'd be thrilled if you linked up this and any other frugal projects with us at Living Well Spending Less!

  10. I love the ric rac!!! So cute!! Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays@ Nap-Time Creations. I was going to feature this at my Cute Crafts for the Weekend post, but I didn't see a link back...please let me know if you have and I didn't see it :o) I'll gladly add you!

  11. Your pencil case is super cute!! Love it :)

    xo, Tanya

  12. this is super cute! I'd love to have you come link up @ I am one of your followers. Hope your having a happy spring!

  13. I love this!! It's so cute and the small size makes it such an approachable project!


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