Monday, July 2, 2012

Pirate "Purse"

Hi all! What a lovely weekend we've had here in my part of Canada.  I took tons of pictures during our Canada Day celebrations but I need a few days to edit them.  I'll show you them all in my next post!

One day last week I needed a few things from the local garden centre so the whole family loaded in the car to make the journey.  The kids love going to this particular place because not only do they have plants for sale, they also have a gorgeous pond and fish centre that seems like a mini-aquatic zoo!
Here are a few pics we snapped outside the water centre. No pictures from inside the centre - way too dark!!

Now onto the project part of the post!

We took the kids to Florida and Walt Disney World in March.  
This is one of my favourite photos of the trip - all three kids riding the ferry back to the parking area,  keeping a close eye on a nearby ferry using their newly purchased "Pirates of the Caribbean" telescopes.  Since then, our youngest, who is 3 and a half, has been on a real pirate kick and rarely goes anywhere with out his 'scope. 

So when I told him I could make him a Pirate themed carry-all for his blanket,  transformers and telescope - he was ecstatic!!


I had purchased a charm pack of mixed pirate fabrics a few months back, unsure of what to make with it. But with our littlest boy off to kindergarten in September, I knew he needed a bag to hold his extra change of clothes in his cubby.  What little boy wouldn't be proud to have a "Pirate Bag" for his extra underwear and sock loot ?! 

Now if I could only break him of the habit of calling it his "Pirate Purse," we'd be all set....


  1. I love that pirate fabric!! My son has been begging me to make him a quilt and he is a pirate lover. That would be perfect!

  2. Super Cute! My daughter would love this - she is pirate obsessed right now :)

  3. Wow, those gardens look so pretty, I can see whay the kids like it so much.
    I love the photo of the three of them it is so cute, you have really captured the moment. & seriously a pirate purse, how cool, I even like the name ha ha x x x x

  4. Absolutely adorable!! Love those fabrics!!!

  5. How cute is this! thanks for stopping by ItBakeMeHappy

  6. there is real beauty in this post and I love the bag one that a young man would be proud to tote

    come see us at

  7. Cute purse! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this one, too! My neighbor is an absolute pirate fanatic. He dresses as Captain Jack almost every day!

  9. That is so awesome! I have a friend who would give a leg to have it. :)


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