Monday, December 26, 2011

Elf on a Shelf Antics

Our Elf, Cricket, did some crazy things leading up to Christmas Day. He arrived right after Hallowe'en and almost everyday he did something silly to entertain our 3 kids. (Thank goodness for Pinterest for whenever he ran out of his own ideas for adventures!)

A Sugar Angel:
His favourite perch - on the wreath in the TV room:
Cuddling with the pumpkins, right after Hallowe'en:Making a ju-jube pattern:Helping himself to a little snack:
Another cozy wreath:On Christmas Eve Day he arrived with this jar of cookie ingredients. What a lovely final gift!
Time for some art!
On your mark, get set - GO!
MMmmmm...candy canes.....Marshamllow initials:
And my favourite one - giving a concert for the members fo the Nativity!!

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