Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Even though our family is finished, many of my friends are still having babies! It's wonderful for me because I can still make cute baby things, but I don't have to be up all night caring for a infant!

When a few of friends announced they were pregnant back in the late winter of 2010, I got started on several baby afghans- a few blue ones and a few pink.

Here is the beginnings of a pink and purple one:

Fast forward to summer 2011. None of those afghans are done. All the babies are born, named and are coming up to their first birthdays. Yikes! (Don't worry - even though the babies didn't get their blankets at birth, they all received something handmade from me- only smaller!)

But now - I am pleased to say, that one of those baby blankets is complete! I buckled down this month and finished the remaining granny squares. I stitched them together and I put a lovely picot edge around it.

It was close to midnight one day last week when I sewed the last end in. What a moment!

The next morning I made my morning cuppa tea and opened Facebook like I often do after breakfast. And there was a sign.....

Little Avery Lockett was turning 1 that day!!
She was one of the babies for which these blankets were supposed to be made!
I called Kari, her mother, right away and said, "I'm coming over. I have something for Avery!"

Kari took these pictures of Avery that day. What a pretty blankie for such a pretty girl!

Happy Birthday Avery!

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