Friday, July 8, 2011

An Album for My Dad

Last spring I made a mini-album for my father featuring pictures of him and my 3 children. My mom said he looked at it constantly, smiling and carefully fingering the pictures. After seeing how ratty it was getting, I decided I'd better make another one for him to enjoy.

Unfortunately, my father was able to enjoy it for only a few short weeks before passing away.

I am glad he could flip through it several times, enjoying the collection of pictures, spanning from infant photos of Bryn and Poppa, to the most recent photo of him and all 3 of the kids. Even for just a little while.....
The week following his passing, we took the book to the funeral home so that the 100's of people who visited, to show their love for my father, could flip through it and enjoy it too.

My mother now keeps this book close-by-- cherished memories of my father.

And the little book that I made LAST spring? The one that was wrinkly, torn and covered in Poppa's fingerprints? Where is it now?

Poppa took it to heaven with him, "cause he liked it a lot!" (Afton, age 5)

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