Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Projects Around the House

I have been on a leave of absence from work since my father passed away nearly 3 weeks ago. I spend everyday doing the same thing - no need to list things here- what would you been doing if you lost your father?? :)

In order to get back to being me, I have made time each day to get back to doing all the things I love to do. Up until my father's departure, I had been spending most of my weekends in Exeter helping my mom and spending time with Daddy. No time for frivolous, crafty things.

So now, with a bit of free-time, I have turned back into the crazy-crafter and added these small touches to our little home:

I had bought these animal alphabet cards at a yard sale way back when Bryn was a toddler. I never knew how to use them until one day, reading a blog I enjoy, I came across this idea:

Cards on a clothesline! I love it! The 2 rows perfectly fill the space above Camden's bunkbeds.

Everyday, Camden and I review the names of the animals. He is just so darn cute when he says "lellow goldflinch" instead of "yellow goldfinch!"

Awhile back, for Afton's tea party birthday, I spent hours making tissue paper pompom flowers to decorate our home. There was no way I was throwing them out afterwards. So this is where they have landed:

She now sleeps beneath a garden of posies, fit for a princess!

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  1. Love them!!! What a great idea for the alphabet cards and I just love those flowers!


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