Monday, October 18, 2010

For Kari and Avery

My dear friend Kari sent me a picture of her daughter Avery wearing a striped hat I recently made for her. Isn't she the sweetest thing??


In her attached note, Kari called me her "Domestic Heroine." You are too cute Kari!

So in honour of this new nickname, I will post the latest cookies my kids and I prepared for Thanksgiving weekend:


Scarecrow Cookies!

My hubby said they looked like snowmen until I pointed out the straw peaking out from under their hats! Oh well. Whatever they are, they are pretty darn cute!

What do you think, Kari? I am living up to my new name??



  1. both the hat and the cookies are adorable... not to mention the little one with the hat on her!

  2. Oh Bronwyn!
    You are too much! We adore the hat and these cookies are so sweet. I've finally figured out how to post to your blog! You are most definitely my domestic heroine. You inspire me!


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