Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 Layouts for You!

Wow! I never have time to blog anymore! Who am I kidding, I haven't even had time to scrap lately! My new job has knocked me right off of my feet and I feel like I spend every "free" moment thinking about it. I'm sure I'll get into the groove soon enough and my evenings will become "me" time again!

Summer 2010 will forever be know as the "Goat Summer." Yep. I said goat. We seemed to meet them everywhere - at farms, on the side of the road and at the homes of distant relatives. I have a good chuckle evertyime I think about it so I thought I would commemorate this change of events with a layout I entitled "EIEIO.:



Bryn played soccer again this summer. Once again, we just hoped that Bryn would try his best, run his fastest and be a good team player. He never scored any goals, but he always put his heart and soul into each game. And you know what? He got pretty good at playing in net. Maybe he's meant to PREVENT goals, not SCORE them!

Stayed tuned for The Scrapping Bug's Design Team reveal coming up in the next 24 hours!!

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